Your Success

Your Success—A Complete Solution

- Powerful software
- Skilled implementation with knowledge transfer
- Dedication to your continuous improvement


Software—Modern Best-of-Breed Systems

- Support for entire insurance lifecycle
- Functionality for full legacy replacement
- Designed for flexibility and integration


Delivery—Right People, Proven Methods
- Exceptional track record of implementation success
- Efficient, predictable implementation
- Agile methods and deep knowledge transfer


Commitment—Beyond the Go-live

- Sustained investment in technology
- Improvements through upgrade and consulting services
- Collaboration with growing customer community

    Successful Legacy Replacement Requires More Than New Software

    Your success drives everything we do at Guidewire

    Insurers have long been poorly served by technology vendors who lacked understanding of the P/C industry, underestimated the complex challenges involved, or oversold and under delivered against insurers’ expectation. There had been many vendor failures, and insurers lacked options other than to wrestle with the limitations of their aging legacy systems. Guidewire provides powerful software, but that is only part of the solution. We also provide you with the delivery expertise to successfully implement the system and commit to supporting you in the long run.


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