Single Source of Truth and Operational Insight

Accelerate legacy replacement and fine-tune your business


Data is the lifeblood of insurance because it is critical to the decision-making that drives growth and change across the company. Data is needed by executives as well as core operation users across policy, billing, and claims processes. It is also required for monitoring the business and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Incorporating data management and business intelligence solutions during a core system transformation enables insurers to create a central data repository and better prepare core systems data for analysis. This approach accelerates legacy replacement and provides greater operational insights to fine-tune the business.

Guidewire DataHub

Guidewire DataHub™ is an insurance data store that unifies, standardizes, and stores data from the patchwork of an insurer’s systems as well as external sources. It enables insurers to create a single version of the truth through a detailed transaction repository where internal and third-party data is subject oriented, conformed, and given common context. This provides a staging platform to accelerate legacy replacement and meet the needs of both data producers and consumers.

  • Retire legacy systems: Insurance data often outlives the application that created it. DataHub migrates and persists data to create a single source of truth that accelerates core system migration and enables you to sunset or streamline legacy systems.
  • Future-proof data architecture: Business and IT data needs evolve over time. Yet data is often siloed and conflicting. DataHub decouples data sources from point-to-point connections with downstream systems, enabling the efficient replacement or addition of new systems to keep pace with change.
  • Improve data quality, completeness, and consistency: Data often lacks integrity, completeness, or consistency in legacy source systems. Legacy applications can be limited by line of business or functional area, and have proliferated over time. DataHub secures data integrity by gathering, analyzing, testing, and validating data by using proven methods and tools. As a result, data consumers can use the data with confidence.

Guidewire InfoCenter

Guidewire InfoCenter™ is a business intelligence warehouse that was created specifically for the P&C insurance market. It provides information in easy-to-use formats for BI, analysis, and enhanced decision-making. With InfoCenter, customers gain operational insights to fine-tune their business.

  • Executive dashboards: Bring aggregated operational metrics to an insurance executive’s mobile device or browser in the form of easy-to-digest information, delivering high-level, performance-based content in a visual and actionable way
  • Comprehensive operational view: Provides a holistic view by leveraging conformed data from policy, billing, claims, and supplemental internal as well as third-party data
  • Simplified development and maintenance: Reduces implementation time and risk through the use of pre-built data extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes from DataHub, enabling insurers to focus on business needs
  • Continuous improvement: Enhances operational insights on an ongoing basis by using the extensible data management framework and tools to implement new data marts

Proven Property and Casualty Data Models

DataHub and InfoCenter are based on proven and optimized data models for the general and workers compensation insurance industries. The models rely on best practices honed over time across diverse, successful insurance implementations. They guide and streamline data migration, enabling customers to focus on differentiation and high-value BI solutions. The models are agnostic to both source systems and commonly used BI tools.

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