Accelerated, highly responsive catastrophe management

Property and casualty insurers provide support and peace-of-mind when they’re needed most. This is especially true in the aftermath of a catastrophe, during which customers may have experienced tragic loss. In these moments, insurers have not only the obligation to uphold the promise that they made to their policyholders, but also the opportunity to make a real impact on the communities that they serve.

However, managing catastrophes is challenging; it requires a quick response and the orchestration of limited resources, often in particularly challenging circumstances. Mismanagement can lead to dissatisfied customers, decreased retention rates, and significant damage to an insurer’s reputation.

By leveraging ClaimCenter’s catastrophe-management capabilities, you can standardize and accelerate your processes for managing these major disasters—resulting in effective resource allocation, efficient work distribution, and timely responses. ClaimCenter’s flexibility and business rules enable you to execute a comprehensive catastrophe strategy to engage proactively with customers, accelerate the training of remote adjusters, streamline vendor communication, and more.

Guidewire Live―Guidewire’s hosted analytics platform―complements ClaimCenter’s catastrophe-management capabilities. ClaimCanvas, a Live app, enables users to map any geographic boundary for any date range and then search for claims, policies, and weather for that area on those dates.

With this feature, catastrophe managers can proactively identify policyholders affected by an event immediately, before a catastrophe has been declared. ClaimCanvas users can zoom in and out of a specific region or property, providing a visual image of a single claim or a group of claims. Better questions can be asked of the insured on the phone, and field adjusters can get a sense of an individual property in question before they drive to the loss location. Guidewire Live also provides summary financial and claim count information in a visual and sortable list view that gives instant access to CAT-specific operational and financial data.