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Really.  I want to know everything about you, spend time with you, celebrate your successes, and commiserate over your ‘bumps in the road’. I’ll do my best to care for you. I’ll avoid harassing you with too many questions or redundant things. I promise I won’t forget all the ways we know each other. I’ll remember that you are a big part of what makes me successful, even when you sometimes have to give me bad news.... Read More >
Fundamentally, I am a storyteller. When I’m not extolling the virtues of modern insurance software, I write music. And when I’m at work, I help our customers to build business cases.... Read More >
Answer: If you sell insurance through agents, probably a lot less than you think!... Read More >
I admit it, like many other North Americans I am a junkie for reality TV.  So when I recently sat down to think about the best practices for selecting a System Integrator partner, I immediately associated the idea with shows like, “Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Ready for Love,” and “The Bachelor”.  Corny as it may seem, picking a partner in business is similar to picking a partner for life.... Read More >
For any reader who was at the ACORD/LOMA conference in Las Vegas last week you will know that we made a bit of a splash at the Guidewire booth with Guidewire Live’s first conference appearance.  ... Read More >
It seems to me that here’s still quite a lot of confusion swirling around what, exactly, constitutes a “cloud model” for software. We know that Gmail is cloud-based. But when we start to get into large scale enterprise software, it all gets fuzzier. If I take a traditional enterprise app, host it on my server, and rent it to you by the month, is it cloud-based?  I think the answer comes down to what you care about, mostly – if you’re a CIO and you care about the maintenance costs and pricing ... Read More >