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January 2015

In most large IT organizations, there are many projects in-flight at any moment in time, at various stages of maturity. Without a consistent technical perspective across these projects, things can go haywire, with enterprises forced to support too many disconnected interests and technologies. This can lead to some interesting conversations for external partners trying to figure out the company’s IT landscape:

Q: “What kind of tool do you use for X?

A: “All of them.”

As insurance carriers increasingly transform their policy administration systems to provide more self-service options to their agents, they must be mindful of the possible business disruptions these changes may cause.

One year ago, I told you a story about a VP of Claims who staffed up to improve her subrogation collections on personal auto claims, and I mentioned that we would continue supplying her with updates on 

Last month, an associate professor at Harvard Business School gave the world an inadvertent lesson on opportunity cost when he spent several days taking a f

Storytelling can be very impactful in a host of business settings. The most impactful part of Guidewire’s marketing is to provide a forum for our customers to tell their stories. For example, at Connections, Guidewire’s annual user conference, more than half of the sessions were led by customers sharing their stories with their peers.

I have spent the bulk of my software career as a member of the sales camp. My comfort zone is nurturing big ideas and helping to motivate clients to embrace change. It is thrilling to earn the right to engage with clients through the decision-making process, help clients gain confidence that transformation is possible, and support the first steps in vision execution. Pretty lofty, I know.