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In a prior life I worked as a business systems analyst for a global hard drive manufacturer. After successfully navigating the Y2K crisis, we found ourselves inundated with custom report requests.  We did an analysis and found that our enterprise system had over 2,000 custom-coded operational reports, only 70 of which had been run in the last 90 days. Of course, the actively-used reports were the source of endless user complaints and enhancement requests.... Read More >
One of the biggest challenges faced by the U.S. Homeowners insurance industry are the losses driven by hazardous or poor maintenance conditions. There are many unknowns when a risk is being underwritten and field inspections help carriers learn more about the conditions of the structure and the property.... Read More >
We’ve been experiencing an unprecedented investment by small-to-mid-sized carriers in policy, billing and claims transformation programs. This is creating the foundation for future strategic initiatives, such as digital strategy and data analytics.... Read More >
As the 2015 tennis season’s first Grand Slam event, the Australian Open, began, my thoughts turned to a quote from the legendary Arthur Ashe: “Success is a journey, not a destination.” A winner of the event in 1970, Mr. Ashe recognized that success requires constant pursuit.... Read More >