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June 2015

The complexity of modern property and casualty core systems can seem daunting. While the business value being delivered is quite high, it comes at the cost of inherent complexity needed in the core system as well as the integration and communications between systems.

As a result, one of the critical aspects of software evaluation has nothing to do with functional capability, but instead how the application support team can keep the system performing at a high level.

The title of “Data Scientist” is a relatively recent phenomena. Coined and popularized in the late ‘90s, the title didn’t really seem to have much widespread adoption until the last decade where the extreme proliferation of data and the need to analyze it forced companies to seek out the specialized resources best suited for this task. When I first entered the field a decade ago, the term “data scientist” really didn’t even exist (don’t most scientists use data?). To illustrate, I started as

Fraud occurs when someone knowingly lies to obtain some benefit to which they are not otherwise entitled to or someone knowingly denies some benefit that is due and to which someone is entitled. Insurance fraud occurs on both the claims and underwriting side, but we will limit the focus of this post to claims fraud. Claims fraud can be broken into two categories – “Soft Fraud” and “Hard Fraud”. Soft Fraud is used to define unwanted opportunistic behavior of normally honest people.

At Guidewire Live, we help our customers to understand their business in context of external data and make better operational and strategic decisions.  Until recently, we assumed that our customers must also be “live” on a Guidewire core system in order to take advantage of these capabilities.  That is changing now that we have released Spotlight

As we prepare for our July 4th celebration, I recently purchased firecrackers and was reading the instructions on the back of the label;

Light, then get away.

One might consider this an example of unnecessary instructions, but that would assume that the user of the firecrackers is product domain knowledgeable before first operation. If not, then those instructions are vital for successful operation.