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July 2017

The UK is becoming a country of renters rather than home-owners according to a recent government whitepaper.

There is a huge amount of buzz around blockchain and many explanations out there for what it is, and its likely benefits for financial services, especially banking and finance.

In Part One of this blog, I discussed some data migration approaches for Guidewire ClaimCenter®.

In Part One of this blog post series, I discussed some data migration approaches for Guidewire ClaimCenter®.

In a recent webinar (Reporting and Data Considerations during Guidewire Core Systems Upgrade), we asked our attendees which core legacy system(s) – Claims, Policy, Billing, or None – they hav

Where in the world are you most likely to find a connected car? Los Angeles? London? Rome?

In an on-demand economy, consumers expect real-time service and customer support. Through the use of chatbots, carriers can deliver real-time customer service while also improving operational efficiencies.

Why can’t the insurance business be more like Netflix? Or Tripadvisor or

Investment in Property and Casualty (P&C) InsurTech may have taken a short breather in Q1 2017, with 23 deals when compared to 27 deals in Q4 2016, or the record 42 deals in the Q1 2016.  However, interest in new innovations in the industry shows no sign of waning, judging by the record attendance at InsurTech events, in

Of all the processes inherent to insurance, it could be argued that none are more important than the claims process. The general consensus is that claims typically account for up to 80% of an insurance company’s costs. When it is stated like that, 80% does not seem like an exceptionally large number.