Delivering Customer 360° Views

Know your customer. Sounds obvious, but we all know it’s a challenge.

From a technology perspective, it requires not only a digital transformation that unifies data and disparate systems, but also an organizational shift to get stakeholders focused on customer needs. That shift needs to be easy and intuitive for those engaging with customers daily.

Insurers today have multiple core systems, including a CRM. Complex IT architectures often mean that end users, customer service representatives, and captive agents must hunt for relevant information about policyholders and policies across disparate systems.

They can spend their days pivoting back and forth between their insurance core system and their CRM, resulting in inconsistent processes as well as numerous redundancies, and they find themselves keying in the same information about a single policyholder in two or three different systems.

Insurers in this predicament lack a clear, consistent understanding of who their policyholders are, what policies they have, what other business they have with the insurer, which other accounts are related to theirs, and so on. In short, they have inadequate insights into each policyholder or potential customer, so they cannot serve them well or suggest other products.

To deliver a customer 360° view, insurers need to unify their CRM (Salesforce) and core insurance platform (Guidewire InsuranceSuite), providing their service representatives and agents with instant access to integrated, insight-driven information. With real-time access to quoting, policy information, and claims servicing from a single user interface, insurers can grow their business predictably, have their service representatives and agents work effortlessly, and strengthen customer loyalty through personalized interactions.

Guidewire Cloud for Salesforce screenshot

With the recent integration of Guidewire ClaimCenter, Guidewire for Salesforce enables claims intake capabilities via an omnichannel experience. Service representatives can then assist policyholders in Salesforce with data integrated from ClaimCenter, providing a claims 360° view of their customers—and higher levels of service as a result.

Guidewire Cloud for Salesforce screenshot

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