Design and Manage Insurance Products Faster Than Ever with the APD App

Design and Manage Insurance Products Faster Than Ever with the APD App

Daniel Lockhart

Early in my Guidewire career I was privileged to spend time with insurers considering making the move to Guidewire. One challenge I repeatedly heard was how cumbersome and time intensive it was to develop an insurance product on legacy systems. Coupled with that was the difficulty in adapting those products to changes in market dynamics and customer needs. We discussed how Guidewire was the right solution to get products to market quickly, and with our latest ski-release we’ve made it even easier.

Go Faster in Flaine

For our Flaine release I’m excited to announce the general availability of the Advanced Product Designer (APD) App, a cloud-native application that accelerates insurance product design and management across the Guidewire ecosystem.

APD combines the tried-and-true capabilities from the self-managed version and takes advantage of the cloud to offer new capabilities and features. Available to PolicyCenter customers on Guidewire Cloud, insurers can expect faster time to market and enhanced ability to respond to market changes with innovative insurance products.


Mountain West Quickly Redesigns Product Offerings

InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud customer Mountain West Farm Bureau was able to speed their development of new products with APD. Their business leads were able to define the coverages, deductibles, and flows – and ultimately determine how they want the policies to function – before developers even got involved.


With APD, it took only eight weeks to redesign the entire book of business for personal lines, which included auto, property, umbrella, inland marine, and personal and farm liability. Read the Mountain West Farm Bureau case study to learn more about how Mountain West was able to quickly redesign product offerings and their decision to move to Guidewire Cloud.

Discover What You Can Do with APD

Here are a few of APD’s benefits:

  • Accelerate product development: Go fast with low-code product visualization tools and autogenerated code

  • Jumpstart development with Guidewire GO Products: The Guidewire Marketplace has more than 45 Guidewire GO Products that provide APD mindmaps and templates

  • Create tailored insurance products: Meet market demands across jurisdictions, coverages, and sales channels

  • Deploy effectively: Manage new products and deploy updates instantly with zero downtime

  • Enable downstream cloud services: Leverage submission intake, digital experiences, and other downstream capabilities via the APD App

This just scratches the surface of what’s possible with APD. For a deeper dive, check out the APD page on, where you’ll be able to see a five-minute demo of APD in action, find links to APD guides, and much more.


To learn more, I invite you to explore our Release Highlights, visit our landing page, or read our press release . You can also catch our Connections keynote on demand.