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Welcome to Guidewire’s blog for P&C insurance. Here we'll share our experiences and lessons learned from more than 300 implementation projects. We'll also offer our point of view on industry trends and advice to help you adapt and succeed on your journey of continuous improvement.

In this Guidewire Smart Approach blog article, I am going to talk to you about two key practices that I feel are paramount in lowering your overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Lowering implementation timelines, and thus a customer’s TCO, is a topic we take very seriously in Guidewire Professional Services, and we are committed to working with our customers to achieve this together in our software implementations.... Read More >
I go to a lot of conferences every year, varying both in size and sponsor type. Conferences are a great way to leave corporate pressures—and corporate culture—behind, and see the business through different lenses, as well as expand knowledge horizons to drive better business outcomes.... Read More >
In my role on the Digital Market Insight team at Guidewire, I spend a lot of time talking to our customers and other insurers all over the world about their digital strategies. It is clear that every insurer is investing in “going digital”. But what is really driving this investment?... Read More >
Didn’t the IT department upgrade the office productivity software recently? Wasn’t it smooth? All that was required was to leave the computer turned on overnight and the next morning everyone was working with the latest version.... Read More >
“Business and IT must be aligned for your software implementation to succeed.” How often have you heard that old truism?  But on most projects, that really means, “The business should clearly articulate what it wants, then twiddle its thumbs while IT does the hard work.” And that makes sense when the key difficulties are all about the code: APIs, integrations, configuration, etc. But what if the tougher issues are really for the business side to resolve?... Read More >
There is an overabundance of terms thrown out today that “everyone” “must” embrace when it comes to data.  Here are a few of the most popular:... Read More >
You don’t know what tough is, back in the day when I had to walk uphill both ways to school…” I remember my grandfather saying to me when I would complain about something.... Read More >
In my previous post, I began illustrating what Hadoop would look like as a business organization, focusing on the DataNodes in a Hadoop File System. Assuming all the rooms or DataNodes are in good condition, how do we start the process of gathering and analyzing data? The process begins with the managers (Mappers).  Each Mapper (manager) sits at one of the two desks in each room. It is their job to make sure that all the data that needs to be analyzed together ends up in the same room.... Read More >
Hadoop has existed for roughly a decade since it was first conceived at Yahoo by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2005.... Read More >
I’ve had the opportunity to research and discuss system performance in a serious amount of detail recently. In practice this involved staring at row after row of testing results on various spreadsheets, along with digging through countless white papers and shuffling through old emails.... Read More >


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