Simplification through new division of responsibility

Cloud: A Key Attribute of the Guidewire Platform

The cloud is an essential enabler of Guidewire’s aspiration to provide an industry-standard platform. Our extensive use of cloud computing helps customers lessen their responsibility for non-differentiating work and rapidly gain access to new sources of value. The cloud benefits Guidewire by providing greater scale for feature development as well as real-time operational insights—guiding us on what to build and enabling us to fix issues dramatically faster.

Key attributes of Guidewire’s cloud-based approach include:

  • Flexible deployment options: public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid
  • Option to have products hosted and managed by Guidewire or our partners
  • Option for specific features to be delivered as cloud-based services 

Guidewire’s Cloud Offerings

Guidewire provides a range of cloud options and services: full cloud-based solutions; cloud-based services that extend core, data, and digital capabilities; and cloud-ready products that can be run both on premises and in the public cloud.

We've offered cloud-based services and cloud-ready capabilities for years, and our cloud capabilities and credentials are extensive:

  • Today, nearly 40% of Guidewire customers run one or more of our applications—core systems, data and analytics, complex commercial underwriting systems, and more—in the cloud.
  • Guidewire collaborates closely with major cloud service providers, including being a launch partner of Amazon Web Services’ Financial Services Competency partnership program.
  • Fully 100% of Guidewire applications are deployable in the cloud without modification.
  • Our industry-leading investment in R&D enables us to focus more of our software engineering resources than any of our competitors on cloud capabilities that add value to our products.

At Guidewire, we see the cloud as a key strategy to help our customers adapt to a changing world. In addition to offering on-demand capacity and pay-as-you-grow economics, cloud delivery frees insurers from the ongoing demand of business-as-usual system maintenance so they can focus on their business.

A cloud-based, all-in-one solution that enables rapid implementation, quick upgrades, and freedom from the constraints that come with daily system maintenance
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Live Analytics**
A cloud analytics platform that combines data from internal and external sources to enable data analysis and visualization for precise decision-making
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Predictive Analytics
A platform that turns data into actionable insights, empowering insurers to make data-driven decisions throughout the insurance lifecycle
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Underwriting Management*
An underwriting workstation that consolidates all the tools, risk information, third-party data, and reports that underwriters and producers need to collaborate productively on risk assessment decisions
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 * InsuranceNow and Underwriting Management are available only in the United States.
** Live Analytics is available in the United States and Canada.