Arch Capital

Product: ClaimCenter, Guidewire Live Analytics
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: EMEA

Arch Capital was established in 1997 to provide insurance in niche markets ranging from holiday homes to cherished cars. The company expanded and broadened its product range to over 200, which is the widest range of specialist and traditional products in the UK market. Arch Capital is now Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary, with more than 4,600 committed staff operating in more than 100 UK offices.

Arch Capital grew through acquisition resulting in multiple claims handling systems across its business. The company deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter to streamline claims handling processes for all its lines of business within a single system, embed best practices for claim handling consistency across its business, and reduce IT costs and maintenance efforts.

ClaimCenter is enabling Arch Capital to improve First Notice of Loss (FNOL) processes through use of dynamic question sets, resulting in better customer service and improved data collection; gain visibility into its claims handling operation at multiple levels; readily demonstrate compliance with changing FSA requirements by maintaining a full audit trail of all actions taken to process the claim; streamline claims handling processes for consistent, fair adjudication through the design of the data capture and the application of rules-based processing; respond flexibly to its changing business needs; and train new users much more quickly.

We needed to simplify and standardise our claims handling processes and platform. Guidewire has delivered exactly what they promised with ClaimCenter. It is the ideal modern technology platform to help us realise our claims handling vision, incorporate best practices across our company, and provide consistent, fair service to our customers. By making an investment in, and commitment to, enhancing our claims management capabilities, we have simultaneously enhanced customer service levels and improved the overall ‘Arch Capital experience’ for our policyholders. We focused a lot of our efforts on getting the FNOL process right, making it very relevant to the type of claim being handled and we are already receiving positive comments from our claimants about the service they are receiving. We selected Guidewire on the strength of its people, products, and implementation success record. ClaimCenter will provide us with the modern technology infrastructure to standardize and improve our claims handling business. ClaimCenter is a robust claims handling solution that will enable us to reduce claims leakage and fraud potential, thereby reducing our overall claims costs.
Max Carruthers, Chief Operations Officer, Arch Capital

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