California Insurance Guarantee Association

Product: ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal, Workers' Comp
Region: Americas

The California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) is an organization created by the California Legislature in 1969 to pay claims of insolvent insurance carriers that are licensed to do business in the state of California. CIGA consists of three separate funds that guarantee different lines of insurance: workers’ compensation; personal lines (auto, homeowners, personal liability); and other (commercial property, liability, products liability, supplemental and pollution). CIGA is not an insurance company. CIGA was created to provide only a limited form of protection in the event of insurer insolvency.

In order to streamline claims handling and standardize disparate claims adjudication processes in a highly complex environment, CIGA embarked on identifying a claims management system to leverage across all claims handlers and insolvencies. The system needed to be flexible enough to accept new insolvencies and scale to support over 1,000 claims handlers across multiple locations. CIGA selected Guidewire ClaimCenter™ because of its comprehensive claim handling features, robust technology, and ability to support CIGA’s complex requirements, including conversion of existing claims from multiple sources.

Guidewire ClaimCenter provides a modern claim handling experience to our adjusters and third-party administrators. Most importantly, Guidewire demonstrated an unmatched level of commitment to our success at CIGA.
Lawrence Mulryan, Executive Director, California Insurance Guarantee Association
Guidewire ClaimCenter is the best solution we found for a large and complex systems environment such as ours. Given the scope and importance of this project, Guidewire’s 100% track record in customer deployments was a crucial factor in our decision.
Hal Fedora, Director of Information Technology and Audit, California Insurance Guarantee Association

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