icare (Insurance & Care NSW)

Product: InsuranceSuite, BillingCenter, PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Workers' Comp
Region: Asia-Pacific

icare (Insurance & Care NSW) is the NSW government’s insurance and care services provider. icare was established on 1 September 2015 as a Public Financial Corporation and operates as a non-profit organisation. icare operates five different insurance and care schemes which protect, insure and care for the people and assets that make NSW great. It also insures 3.7 million workers, motorists, and builders as well as 296,000 employers. With an asset base of more than $32 billion, some of the most iconic assets icare insures include the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the NSW Art Gallery. For more information, visit www.icare.nsw.gov.au.

As part of a wholesale modernization of its workers compensation claims service model for its customers who are NSW employers and their employees, icare has successfully deployed Guidewire PolicyCenter™ and Guidewire BillingCenter™. The technology will enable icare to reinvent how workers’ insurance and care are delivered through person-centered service helping injured people return to work in New South Wales. The new solutions put people and outcomes at the center of workers insurance and care, by making it easier and faster for workers and businesses to purchase, manage, and access claims support and medical care under their workers’ compensation insurance.

The organization recently began implementing a person-centric omnichannel workers’ compensation insurance claims center to help improve workers’ care and return-to-work outcomes through faster service and customer support across preferred channels of engagement. The implementation is the first phase of icare’s migration to Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ Cloud, with Guidewire responsible for software, implementation, and post-production services – including Guidewire system security, software upgrades, support and maintenance, availability, performance monitoring, and management of third-party software. By migrating InsuranceSuite to a cloud environment, icare will be better equipped to provide “anytime, anywhere” digital access and increased scalability for its customers.

    We protect, insure, and care for citizens of NSW of all ages from personal injury, caused at work or on our roads—in many instances for life—and we take that responsibility very seriously. We needed a globally recognized technology that would provide the best foundation to help us manage the insurance lifecycle process reliably for our customers and we found that in InsuranceSuite.
    John Nagle, Interim CEO and Managing Director, icare (Insurance & Care NSW)
    We are pleased to be the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific region to implement InsuranceSuite Cloud. One of our strong guiding principles was to follow a mainly out-of-the-box implementation approach, with minimal customization, thereby staying on-budget with the project. Feedback from across the business and our stakeholders has been very positive, especially around the ease of use and intuitiveness of the system.
    John Nagle, Interim CEO and Managing Director, icare (Insurance & Care NSW)

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