Merastar Insurance Company

Product: ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: Americas

Merastar Insurance Company provides employer-sponsored personal property and casualty insurance for persons in the United States. Merastar's mission is to provide quality personal insurance to employers and their employee groups through the convenience of payroll deduction. Merastar helps employers provide another benefit option for their employees by making personal insurance coverage convenient, easy to access and easy to manage.

In selecting a new claims solution, Merastar was looking for a complete system that could be deployed rapidly to minimize time-to-benefit. With completion of the nine-month, on-time, on-budget ClaimCenter project, Merastar's 40 adjusters have migrated from a cumbersome and out-of-date green-screen legacy environment to a real-time, web-based claims system. The new ClaimCenter system brings Merastar better and broader access to claim information and an overall improvement in claim handling, including payout accuracy and reduced closure times. Merastar has been in production with ClaimCenter since August, 2005.

With the flexibility and power of Guidewire ClaimCenter, we've been able to implement our ideal claims process rather than having to force-fit the process to technology as we had done with other systems. For the first time, our entire management team and key stakeholders have an up-to-the minute and complete view into our claims handling process, allowing managers to proactively oversee their team's workloads and giving other stakeholders ‘view-only' access to keep everyone current on claim status.
Scott Harris, Vice President of Claims, Merastar Insurance Company
Our ClaimCenter implementation went very smoothly, especially given that the project required multiple complex integrations to our existing systems. The Guidewire team was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. They went the extra mile from day one and ensured complete knowledge transfer to our staff, preparing us well to manage our new environment going forward.
Ken Lytle, Chief Information Officer, Merastar Insurance Company

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