Montana State Fund

Product: ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Workers' Comp
Region: Americas

Montana State Fund (MSF) is a public entity that operates as a competitive state fund, providing coverage to nearly 28,000 employers in the state. It is the largest workers' compensation insurance company in Montana. The company recognized the limitations of its core legacy systems.  In addition to potentially putting MSF at a competitive disadvantage, the legacy systems could not easily integrate with modern applications; real-time operational functionality was non-existent; and the cost to maintain the older technologies was becoming cost prohibitive.

After a comprehensive review of available claims processing systems, MSF deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter which has replaced its in-house developed legacy claims system and has delivered significant sustainable business benefit to MSF. For instance, ClaimCenter has been instrumental in helping the company reduce its average TTD (Temporary Total Disability) duration from 43.5 weeks prior to deployment, to 29.6 weeks with ClaimCenter. Other benefits include: ability to capture and access more and better quality claim data; gained real-time view into adjuster workloads, claim data and status; ability to make system changes in-house; system's modern architecture and intuitive user interface serve as a recruiting aid to attract new adjusting and IT talent; and ClaimCenter provides the technology foundation on which MSF can future proof its claims handling system.

In addition to ClaimCenter, Montana State Fund is also a Guidewire data management and business intelligence solution customer.

Our ClaimCenter implementation was one of the smoothest roll-outs of a major system by our organization. We have been in production with ClaimCenter for some time now, and can appreciate the significant benefits the system offers. We have seen a positive impact on our claims metrics and a dramatic reduction in our turnaround time for many types of system change requests. ClaimCenter supports our adjusting processes and allows good people to be even more efficient and effective.
Al Parisian, Chief Information Officer, Montana State Fund

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