NFU Mutual

Product: BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, DataHub
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: EMEA

The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited, (NFU Mutual), the UK’s leading rural insurer, has realised process efficiency savings, improved premium collection services and reduced payment administration following the implementation Guidewire BillingCenter.

BillingCenter now manages premium billing and collection processes and agency commission payments across NFU Mutual’s motor, personal and commercial business lines. The system enables NFU Mutual to streamline the payment collection process, reduce manual activities and significantly simplify premium reconciliation. BillingCenter provides NFU Mutual with greater visibility of its billing processes and premium debt and, as a result, has improved governance.  The streamlining of administrative processes has also improved audit control and enabled NFU Mutual to reduce its auditing overhead.

In addition to the benefits to NFU Mutual, its agency network has reported improvements in areas such as the ability to collect premiums at the point of sale and more efficient reconciliation routines.

BillingCenter has an important role to play in ensuring the continual improvement of our operational processes. It is delivering tangible benefits to both the business and our agency network and provides us with the scope to make further enhancements to meet our needs in the future.
Nigel Bryan, Group Finance Manager, NFU Mutual
Any system implementation process of this scale has its challenges. Guidewire’s straightforward and honest approach has been integral to the successful implementation of the system. BillingCenter is easily configurable so we have been able to integrate it fully with our policy processing system and obtain real-time information. In addition, we are now able to respond quickly to changes identified by agents improving their experience of working with us to develop their businesses.
Janet Shuttleworth, Development Lead, NFU Mutual

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