Product: PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: Americas

Promutuel, one of Quebec’s largest Property/Casualty (P/C) insurers, strives to promote and offer insurance and financial service products that meet and exceed the insured-members' and clients' expectations. To this end, it provides personalized service of the highest quality and encourages the mutualist values that have guided its actions for close to 160 years.

Promutuel wanted to provide consistent, high quality customer service and enhance its vendor management capabilities which will result in an improved customer experience. To ensure the attainability of these goals, the company elected to standardize its claims system and processes for its personal, commercial and farm lines of business across all its 27 independent member companies with Guidewire ClaimCenter.

After deploying ClaimCenter in a phased implementation approach, Promutel is now live on ClaimCenter across all of its personal, commercial and farm lines of business. Most recently, Promutuel  has selected Guidewire PolicyCenter® as its new underwriting and policy administration solution.

We knew that a new claims system would be beneficial for us but we needed to demonstrate significant benefits to win the support of our member companies. Guidewire’s Value Consulting team helped us build our business case for the project using their Wedge Business Case methodology. A group of our members utilized this tool and found substantial benefits. This was a very valuable process that resulted in the creation of the business case which will now guide our implementation project to ensure we realize benefits. Having our people complete the Guidewire Wedge Business Case and reach the results on their own was very convincing and I can proudly say resulted in 100% member support for our Guidewire decision.
Benoit Duchesne, Director, Claims Department, Promutuel
We are satisfied with the business and IT benefits we have already received from ClaimCenter. Our staff previously had several administrative tasks to complete to file a claim, but due to the automation of these tasks, thanks to ClaimCenter, our staff has been empowered to focus on more high-value services to customers. We are pleased that ClaimCenter has helped us cut approximately 75 percent of our clerical work.
Daniel Carrier, IT Development Director, Promutuel
Guidewire’s approach to customer self-sufficiency - equipping us to maintain and extend the system ourselves– was very appealing to us. We are eager to proceed with the project and to deliver the system for our members and our customers.
Serge Pinard, IT Director of Architecture, Promutuel

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