Red River Mutual

Product: InsuranceSuite, PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, Guidewire Digital, DataHub, InfoCenter, Add-on Modules, Guidewire Live Analytics
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: Americas

Red River Mutual, a mutual company serving families, farms, and businesses across the Canadian prairie, is committed to providing competitive insurance products and superior claims service in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Red River Mutual has selected Guidewire InsuranceSuite® as its underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management platform. The company has also selected Guidewire Data and Analytics products, DataHub, InfoCenter, and Guidewire Live™ as well as Guidewire’s Claim Portal for Vendors. Red River Mutual will be accessing these products in a private cloud, with implementation, ongoing services, and support provided by Ernst & Young (EY), a Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Consulting Premier partner.

We are committed to providing our policyholders and brokers the very best service we can. We have found what we believe is the ideal solution with Guidewire’s industry leading product set and commitment to R&D, coupled with EY’s expertise in Guidewire project implementations, hosting and managed services capabilities. This combination will put us on an equal footing with companies much larger in size than we are and it will allow us to focus on what we do best: protect and serve our customers.
Brian Esau, President and CEO, Red River Mutual

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