Product: ClaimCenter, Guidewire Digital
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal, Workers' Comp
Region: Americas

The Seibels Bruce Group, Inc. provides a suite of business process outsourcing solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry, including policy administration, claims administration, technology, and accounting and reporting services. From its start as a fire and life insurance company in 1869, Seibels has evolved and prospered for more than 145 years. By leveraging a strong combination of insurance industry and technology expertise, Seibels helps today’s property and casualty insurers achieve operational efficiency.

Seibels selected Guidewire ClaimCenter® as its new claims management system. Seibels also selected Guidewire Claim Portal™ for Policyholders and Claim Portal for Vendors as its new customer- and vendor-facing portals for claims functions. ClaimCenter, Claim Portal for Policyholders, and Claim Portal for Vendors will replace Seibels’ internally developed claims management system and online claims portal, offering the company new capabilities to help more efficiently and effectively deliver on its service commitments to clients and vendors while also improving employee satisfaction. Seibels is implementing the products for its Property and Workers’ Compensation lines of business in all states in which it operates.

We offer our customers comprehensive claims administration services, and we view our adoption of ClaimCenter, Claim Portal for Policyholders, and Claim Portal for Vendors as instrumental in our ability to continue enhancing our service capabilities going forward. We are also excited to provide our employees with the best technology possible to do their jobs.
Dester Terry, President and Chief Claims Officer, Seibels Claims Solutions, Seibels
We were impressed by Guidewire’s industry reputation and commitment to its customers. Seibels’ suite of business process outsourcing solutions will be strengthened by Guidewire’s technology.
Helmut Tissler, Chief Information Officer, Seibels

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