Engage and empower your agents

The ease with which your agents can quote submissions, bind new policies, and provide support to their customers is critical. All too often, it is legacy technology, poorly designed systems, and lack of integration that get in the way.

PolicyCenter helps improve interactions with agents by enabling you to consistently convey appetite, deliver timely quotes, and provide the real-time information that empowers agents to meet their promises to customers.

We facilitate digital engagement with your agents by offering products that we’ve designed specifically for this channel: Gateway Portal for Agents and Claim Portal for Agents.

Gateway Portal for Agents extends the capabilities of PolicyCenter by empowering agents to access information and transactional data without reconfiguring complicated core system logic. The portal provides policy lifecycle transactional capability as well as support for task and book-of-business management. Agents can easily perform the following routine tasks:

  • Access recent activities on quotes, policies, and accounts.
  • View in-progress submissions and quotes.
  • Initiate new transactions such as quotes, policy changes, and renewals.
  • Review account and policy history.

Claim Portal for Agents enables insurers to support agents in filing claims or checking the status of existing claims―anytime/anywhere and from any device―with the following capabilities:

  • File a claim online.
  • View and track the status of claims associated with owned accounts.
  • Review active claim history and details.
  • View and upload photos and documents.
  • Send notes to adjusters.