The Engagement Era

Designing P&C systems to deliver experiences that users want today

At Guidewire, we believe that P&C insurance technology has entered a new period of system design: the Engagement Era. The guiding principle for today’s systems is to enable the insurer to meet users on their own terms, to provide the experiences and journeys that they want. Engagement Era systems help all users—customers, agents, underwriters, claims managers, data scientists, and others—to become:

  • More connected with self-service, easy-to-use capabilities
  • Smarter by bridging the gap between insight and action
  • Faster by enabling rapid, automated, and streamlined functionality

When users are connected, smarter, and faster, they have better experiences and are more innovative and satisfied.

To learn more, watch this video by Guidewire CEO Marcus Ryu and read our two recent blog posts.

Engagement Era: The New Horizon of P&C System Design


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