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Guidewire Community — Reimagined for Collaboration and Success for All Customers

Guidewire Community — Reimagined for Collaboration and Success for All Customers

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Putting customers at the center of everything we do is my passion as Guidewire’s Chief Customer Officer. And the reimagined Guidewire Community is one core part of providing you, our customers, with improved experiences. With the launch of the reimagined Guidewire Community, you now have an improved navigation experience that helps you easily find what you’re looking for, a single search interface across many of Guidewire’s platforms, and more opportunities to collaborate with other practitioners and experts.

Let’s dive deeper into each improved experience that we’ve designed for you.

Enhanced and Intuitive Web Design

Using the same Salesforce Experience Cloud platform, we’ve completely redesigned the Community home page to draw attention to key information while also creating a personalized experience for users. For the first time ever, guests can now view the Community home page and gain insight into the knowledge and engagement opportunities available to authenticated users.

Single Search Interface Across Guidewire Platforms

The Guidewire Community now includes enhanced search that explores multiple Guidewire systems, providing you with comprehensive search results from the following Guidewire platforms: Product Documentation site,,, Guidewire Education, the Marketplace, and the Evangelist site.

Customer Collaboration Groups Moderated by Guidewire Experts

Customers have many opportunities to work with each other through the introduction of online collaboration groups. In these Guidewire-led groups, customers are empowered to discuss topics they care about, connect with others to discuss Guidewire technology, deepen their knowledge on implementation approaches, stay up to date on the product roadmap, and more. Guidewire experts will co-moderate these groups, facilitating collaboration and encouraging customers to share their own insights and expertise. Top contributors will be recognized as experts via badges and on the Community leaderboard.

Access and Self-Registration for All Guidewire Customers

And, last but not least, any Guidewire practitioner who currently works at a Guidewire customer location can access hundreds of articles, join the new groups, and contribute in a matter of minutes. Through a new self-registration feature, you can sign up to begin your collaboration journey with Guidewire. Even better, you can personalize your topics and groups when you register to gain access to content that matters most to you right from the start.

Join us at the reimagined Guidewire Community today!


Preview the Guidewire Community here:

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