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Connected Car Insurance: The Real Italian Job

Connected Car Insurance: The Real Italian Job

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Connected Car

Where in the world are you most likely to find a connected car? Los Angeles? London? Rome?

Most people would think that Silicon Valley, home of Google self-driving cars and Tesla with its (controversial) autonomous driving features, is the most likely place. There is no denying that the USA dominates many areas of technology, but when it comes to how the Internet of Things is changing motor insurance, innovation can be found in less obvious corners of the world.

According to analysts Bain & Co, it is actually Italy that leads the market in deployment of motor telematics for connected car insurance applications globally. Italy has been branded a pioneer as one of the first countries to use telematics concretely – predominantly through black boxes and insurance, but also in other verticals such as healthcare. Ahead of the USA, the Italian market is motoring into growth phase while countries like France and Germany are forecast to retain a more cautious position, largely due to privacy concerns.

To learn more about how the Italian market has embraced connected car insurance, please read my Finextra article.


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