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Increasing Customer Engagement by Orchestrating Comprehensive Communications

Increasing Customer Engagement by Orchestrating Comprehensive Communications

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As a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner, Quadient shares the common goal of making insurance convenient for customers. The focus on customer experience (CX) is not new, yet here we are after a decade or so, breathing new life into initiatives that focus on CX. But customers still don’t trust their insurers. In fact, a recent study by J.D. Power found that customer satisfaction is driven by good communication—not speed.

Taking a step back and looking at traditional interactions with customers, we find that most interactions are transactional rather than personalized. They’re also one-sided, with the insurer requesting policyholder information such as a signature, payment, or completion of a form. However, customers expect much more and will promptly switch to another insurer that provides a seamless, personalized, and real-time experience that builds trust and confidence.

Furthermore, customers expect insurers to provide more than protection. They also want insurers to communicate quickly to help avoid claims, help them understand coverage, and make recommendations aligned to their changing preferences, lifestyles, and needs. If I had to choose between two insurers, one with a reputation of expediently processing claims and another with the ability to notify me of a leak avoiding a claim altogether, I would choose the latter.

Insurers continue to prioritize CX within larger digital transformation efforts. The protection value of an insurer is no longer enough for customers. The new value is in real-time advice, alerts, and personalized interactions, all of which have significant business implications for the customer and the insurer across the entire lifecycle.

graphic - representing customer engage lifecycle

High-quality, personalized customer communications enable insurers to:

  • Get new business quicker by making it easy for customers to sign up for insurance: Gain a complete view of the customer—which is made available to agents, brokers, and customer service reps—to facilitate a quicker response to customer questions and move them along from quote to purchase.

  • Set the expectation with onboarding: Automate and digitalize manual processes to expedite the onboarding time and streamline CX with personalized communications.

  • Grow trust, communicate clearly and quickly: Honor communication channel preferences, use plain language, and customize interactions so that insureds and agents can self-serve as well as request and receive information through any channel on any device. Customers and agents will feel understood, respected, and valued.

  • Orchestrate the next-best action: Gain visibility into customer behaviors, identify opportunities to avoid drop-offs, and take action by optimizing policyholders’ experience in real time, when they’re engaged on your app, website, or other channel.

  • Reduce claims frequency and severity: Proactively communicate with customers to avoid claims where possible. Should a loss occur, make it easy for claimants to send and receive information through two-way interactions—all connected to the technology stack that includes Guidewire, Salesforce, and other platforms.

Leading insurers experience the benefit of putting together an ecosystem of best-in-class technologies, all with the customer at the center of the business. That ecosystem includes:

  • Increased digital uptake and adoption to drive cost savings

  • Increased customer service satisfaction, referrals, and retention

  • Faster time-to-market to increase business agility

Quadient® Inspire, our award-winning customer communications management solution, enables insurers to get more out of their Guidewire system by increasing the speed, accuracy, and number of channels with which insurers communicate with customers, agents, and brokers. Quadient Inspire fully integrates with Guidewire InsuranceSuite to help insurers serve their customers better with integrated customer communications management.

Quadient Inspire: Real-Time Editing in Guidewire ClaimCenter

screenshot - Quadient Inspire Ticket Editor

To learn more about designing, delivering, and orchestrating comprehensive customer experiences, visit and check out our solution available on the Guidewire Marketplace. To help plan and improve your CX journey, download the Guidewire e-book Building an Ecosystem.

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