Guidewire DevConnect

Increase innovation. Embrace insurtech. Introducing the next evolution of Guidewire’s ecosystem...

Guidewire DevConnect™ is a new developer platform that enables Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution partners to create innovative add-ons that integrate with Guidewire InsurancePlatform™ products. DevConnect add-ons feature plug-and-play integration, full-fidelity upgrades, and enhanced support—enabling you to focus on innovation and growth. With a complete set of APIs, software development kits, and associated tools, DevConnect provides everything that the independent P&C developer community needs to rapidly design and build feature-rich add-ons for Guidewire products and publish them on the Guidewire Marketplace.

In addition to powerful tools to help partners create add-ons, DevConnect provides the integration framework for rapidly deploying those add-ons. With DevConnect and the Guidewire Marketplace, insurers can:

  • Discover and download new solutions from the Marketplace to address business problems
  • Integrate with partner add-ons in minutes instead of months with plug-and-play integration
  • Upgrade Guidewire versions without re-implementing partner integrations
  • Focus resources on higher-value projects rather than integration

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DevConnect Add-ons Bring Rich Functionality and Ease of Use

More than just simple integrations, DevConnect add-ons deliver rich capabilities that enhance your Guidewire products while enabling you to seamlessly connect with your business partners. DevConnect add-on capabilities let you embed UI elements in Guidewire products, facilitate data communication to and from Guidewire products, and more. Additionally, add-ons built with DevConnect offer key functionality in three areas:

  • Plug-and-play: Add-on deployment via plug-and-play integration to significantly reduce your cost to implement a partner solution
  • Full-fidelity upgrades: Guidewire product upgrades without the need to re-implement add-ons
  • Enhanced support: Full support by our Solution partners, enabling your teams to focus on higher-value activities rather than troubleshooting and supporting add-ons

Guidewire DevConnect is currently available for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ version 8 (and later).

PartnerConnect Solution Partners

Guidewire PartnerConnect is a network of select partner companies that provide consulting services and solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products. Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partners provide software, technology, and data solutions as well as insurance support services. Our Solution partners help drive business value by developing and delivering integrations, add-ons, extensions, and complementary solutions for Guidewire products.

P&C solution providers can learn more about PartnerConnect and DevConnect here.