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Evolving to Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience – On Customers’ Terms

Evolving to Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience – On Customers’ Terms

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The most important question in business has to be – is this what our customers want and need?

Customers will keep coming back if they’re getting what they want – when, where and how they want it – and with top-notch customer service. Not only that, they’ll send more customers our way.

But exactly what customers want is constantly changing. As a result, exceptional customer service requires us to continuously evolve to meet customers’ expectations.

At Enterprise, that means developing and introducing more digital and low-touch options, to seamlessly enable customers to choose how they interact with us.

This includes systems that help insurance companies like yours find the right collision repair center, with the capacity and capabilities to quickly repair your customers’ vehicles – putting an end to the need for file upon file of spreadsheets.

As a Guidewire customer, you can leverage our Guidewire ClaimCenter integrations to improve your customers’ experience and perception of your company overall.

One such integration is the Enterprise Rental Management Accelerator, which is powered by Enterprise’s Automated Rental Management System (ARMS). The Enterprise Rental Management Accelerator enables Guidewire ClaimCenter adjusters [or users] to manage their rental program right from their desktops, efficiently and cost effectively.

We’ve also worked with Guidewire to develop a Smart Locator Accelerator, providing Guidewire ClaimCenter customers a seamless solution to quickly and easily communicate and collaborate with tens of thousands of collision repair shops and other industry professionals around the world. Smart Locator complements the value of the Enterprise Rental Management Accelerator by increasing efficiency through the entirety of the claims process.

Both of these products help integrate all parts of the claim at first notice of loss (FNOL) so customers don’t have to call back…

…because we all know if customers have to call back, their satisfaction goes down.

Additionally, these products keep the adjuster and customer aware of the status of the repair throughout the repair process.

In the not-too-distant future, our industry will offer mobile-only transactions with customer service delivered in a series of quick clicks, texts or button pushes.

A driver may need to take only one action – or maybe no action at all – to get from the moment of the accident into a replacement rental … and back on the road, with his or her car headed to the right collision center for the job.

Our industry has historically been very transactional. But today’s customers expect something experiential. The technology investments we are all making today will help us improve the collective customer experience tomorrow, while achieving significant time and cost savings for every partner involved.

To succeed, we must continue embracing the need for change with open arms because this is ultimately the key to achieving exceptional customer service.

To learn more about delivering a superior customer experience, check out Enterprise’s solutions available on the Guidewire Marketplace. To help plan and improve your CX journey, download the Guidewire e-book Building an Ecosystem to Improve the Customer Experience today.

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