Prodotto: ClaimCenter, CustomerEngage
Linee di Business: Per le Impresse, Per I Private
Regione: EMEA

Natixis Assurances, the insurance division of Natixis, serves Groupe BPCE’s retail banking network clients. Groupe BPCE is the second-largest banking group in France. Natixis Assurances designs and manages a comprehensive array of products and services provided by two principal businesses: life and personal protection insurance, and non-life insurance.

Natixis Assurances selected Guidewire ClaimCenter™ as its platform for claims management, as well as Guidewire CustomerEngage™ Account Management to boost the digital experience of its customers. These Guidewire Core and Digital products will replace Natixis Assurances’ legacy claims management system and support the insurer in providing new capabilities to help deliver more efficiently and effectively on its service commitments to customers and partners.

Natixis Assurances’ ambition is to improve competitiveness and service quality. When a claim occurs, that is the moment of truth in our customer relationship, and the quality of our service is vital. By building an efficient claims management solution, open to digital development, we will be better placed to support our customers at the time when they need us most.
Nathalie Broutèle, CEO of Natixis Assurances, Business Non-Life Insurance, Natixis
Guidewire is distinguished by its native technical and functional capabilities, as well as its rigorous approach to R&D. In choosing this software for our claims platform, combined with ongoing digitalization, we see a modern, robust, well-structured, and scalable solution.
Françoise Terry, Claims Program Manager for Natixis Assurances, Natixis

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