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Guidewire Software Announces Prelude Software as a New Solution Partner

Guidewire Software Announces Prelude Software as a New Solution Partner

Prelude Software’s Ready for Guidewire integration of PayPilot® with Guidewire ClaimCenter™ to help insurers better manage disbursement processes
NATICK Mass. and FOSTER CITY Calif., 2018年4月26日

Guidewire Software, Inc. (NYSE: GWRE), a provider of software products to Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, today announced that Prelude Software (Prelude), a leading provider of payment management technology, has joined Guidewire PartnerConnect™ as a Solution partner. In addition, Prelude’s PayPilot® disbursement hub solution accelerator, which speeds the integration between PayPilot and Guidewire ClaimCenter™, has successfully completed the Ready for Guidewire accelerator validation process.

The PayPilot disbursement hub solution enables insurers to better manage all aspects of their enterprise-wide disbursement processes, providing real-time lifecycle management of all outbound payments. The accelerator helps to rapidly deploy the PayPilot disbursement hub solution to:

  • Improve processing efficiencies related to outbound payments

  • Support all types of payments, including claims and vendor disbursements

  • Quickly and easily incorporate multiple payment methods, including MICR check processing, ACH processing for electronic payments, eChecks for electronic check delivery, cards, and virtual cards

  • Provide a robust suite of related payment-processing functionality, such as reconciliation, positive pay, OFAC scanning, and escheatment

With the PayPilot disbursement hub solution accelerator, insurers can automatically upload payment request and remittance information from ClaimCenter to PayPilot so that payments can be issued via the desired payment method. Also, the status of the payment can be synchronized back to ClaimCenter automatically via this accelerator, providing immediate visibility that helps Guidewire users provide excellent customer service.

“Prelude is pleased to offer our payment disbursement hub to ClaimCenter customers through our validated accelerator,” said Steve Root, president and chief executive officer, Prelude. “Insurers using ClaimCenter can now deliver faster, more secure payments with improved tracking and significant cost savings, increasing customer satisfaction levels.”

Prelude is now eligible to use the Ready for Guidewire validation mark. This designates that the PayPilot disbursement hub solution accelerator has been through a rigorous review process that supports readiness for integration with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ products such as ClaimCenter.

“We are pleased to welcome Prelude as a PartnerConnect Solution partner and admire their dedication to providing insurers with more control to drive efficiencies and best practices related to outbound payment processing,” said Becky Mattick, senior director, Solution Alliances, Guidewire. “PayPilot provides our insurer clients the flexibility to quickly react to the marketplace’s demands for alternative payment methods.”




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