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Three Reasons Why On Demand Consulting Is Right for You

Three Reasons Why On Demand Consulting Is Right for You

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Many of Guidewire’s customers choose to take advantage of On Demand Consulting, our offering that provides remote support and guidance post-implementation, without the added costs inherent withon-site support. These customers depend on On Demand Consulting because our experts bring deep, broad-based knowledge of all Guidewire products and integrations.

Typically, customers choose On Demand Consulting for product implementation services. They may already have a complement of IT staff, but they still need occasional support with solution approaches to complex problems, product questions, or best practices. Customers also use On Demand Consulting for full end-to-end implementation.

Is On Demand Consulting right for you? Here are three factors to consider:

1. Bundled packages mean predictable budgets On Demand Consulting provides bundled packages of remote service and support. So your team receives the support it needs, while you gain a fixed, predictable budget – reducing budget overruns and time spent on administrative work. You can get access to just the right services at a smart price and help simplify how you budget for services.

2. Scaling to meet demand gives you more flexibility On Demand Consulting gives you the ability to scale consulting hours up or down – our product directors help you choose the right package based on your team’s goals and needs. Whether you’re looking for the quickest path to self-sufficiency, extra time for a smooth transition, or longer-term support, On Demand Consulting has the right-sized support package.

3. Deep product expertise delivers more confidence and peace of mind Our On Demand team knows all Guidewire products and best practices better than anyone else. You’ll have access to seasoned professionals who can advise you across Guidewire InsurancePlatform™ and provide a level of support and knowledge that gives you and your team greater efficiency, confidence, and peace of mind along the implementation journey.

We realize that the biggest advantage to going with an offsite support solution is the fact that it’s there when you need it, without the overhead and costs of on-site support. We also understand that the key word in On Demand Consulting is “demand” – support that fits the demands of you and your team.

If you’d like to learn more about On Demand Consulting, contact your product director today.


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