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Business Outcomes

  • Auto loss ratio reversed in first year by 15% to 20%

  • Better data-supported decisions made by underwriters and actuaries

  • More accurate risk selection

  • Improved speed-to-market

Now, with Guidewire here, we can change rates up or down, depending on particular regions and experience rather quickly.

David Whitesell

Pekin Insurance

How Pekin Insurance Engages, Innovates, and Grows Efficiently

Established in 1921, Pekin Insurance has grown into a multistate provider of P&C products for both personal and commercial lines, as well as life and health insurance. It serves customers in 22 states with more than 900 employees, 1200 agencies, and 7500 independent agents.

The Pekin Insurance motto is to go Beyond the expected® for customers. Its vision is to set the standard of excellence among insurance providers by being innovative, being financially strong, and exceeding customer expectations.

Pekin Insurance has a growth mindset. To go head-to-head with its larger competitors, the insurer knew it needed to generate and sustain top-line growth, simplify business processes, and improve speed-to-market. In 2015, Pekin began its technology modernization journey with Guidewire by replacing its 35-year-old legacy platform with Guidewire core, data analytics, and digital engagement products. This move was part of a strategic effort called PIVOT (Pekin Insurance Virtual Overall Transformation).

About Pekin Insurance

Headquarters: Pekin, Illinois
Operations: United States
Business Lines: Home, Auto, Business,Health, Life

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