An insurance-specific data store that unifies, standardizes, and stores data from internal systems as well as external sources

Guidewire DataHub™ creates a single source of truth through a detailed transaction repository in which internal and third-party data is subject oriented, conformed, and given common context. DataHub helps with easy extraction of data from Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, consolidation with data from legacy systems, and publication to downstream systems.

DataHub Benefits

Reduce transformation risk

One of the major challenges associated with business transformation is managing the operational data that is stored in the legacy and new core systems. DataHub helps with:

  • Easy extraction of data from Guidewire InsuranceSuite™
  • Consolidation with data from legacy systems
  • Publication to downstream systems such as an enterprise data warehouse and other financial, operational, and regulatory systems

Achieve more strategic data collection

DataHub is a foundational component of Guidewire’s analytic strategy and serves as a strategic business asset for customers. Because the breadth and depth of the data that resides in DataHub can easily exceed that of any of the individual modules of InsuranceSuite, we use DataHub as the data source for Guidewire analytical applications such as InfoCenter™ and Guidewire Live™.

Reduce costs

Over the long term, DataHub significantly reduces costs by:

  • Improving data quality, integrity, completeness, and consistency
  • Enabling you to migrate legacy data and retire legacy systems
  • Eliminating the need to build point-to-point integrations between systems.

As a result, replacement or addition of new systems becomes much more efficient and your data consumers can use the data with confidence.