Guidewire on How Insurers Can Ride the Insurtech Wave

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Roots manoeuvre: IoT helps insurers join the dots

The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the insurance industry is becoming understood but there is plenty of room for even more innovation.

The roots of IoT applications in insurance lie in how telematics were used to support early blackbox insurance for younger drivers. Early applications of this technology were being talked about over a decade ago on the BBC, for example.

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Enabling a Continuous Digital Marketing Approach

A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action in Insurance!

Towards the end of last year, I attended a major insurtech conference.

As ever, the week was packed with interesting debates and stories about how technology is impacting the insurance industry and how insurers are reacting to changing customer demands.

One of the key takeaways concerned the manner in which customers might soon be communicating with their insurer.

Talk becomes action

Brokers must transform to evade threat of AI - report


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