Brian Desmond

Brian Desmond is responsible for Guidewire’s global marketing efforts, including demand generation, branding, product and solution marketing, sales enablement, and communications. Brian joined Guidewire in 2006, and during his tenure the company has been recognized as an industry-leading brand serving customers in 30+ countries. He has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry.

My name is Brian Desmond and I serve as the CMO at Guidewire, which provides an industry platform for property and casualty (P&C) insurers. In a previous blog post, I defined what an industry platform is and why it’s such a big idea for the P&C industry. In this blog post, I outline why the cloud—in terms of its technology and business model definitions—is critical for an industry platform to perform at scale. I appreciate the fact that you may be skeptical, given my company’s role. I’ve tried to write a substantive and useful piece. You will be the judge of that. ... Read More >
What is an industry platform and why is it such a big idea? It’s clear the technology landscape in P&C insurance is becoming a “platform market.” Participants know the market used to be for modular applications designed along functional lines (claims, policy, billing). The next phase was the market for integrated suites including core operations, data and analytics, and systems for digital engagement. The third phase, recently begun, is the platform phase, evidenced by commentary such as this from Celent’s Donald Light. So what is an industry platform? And why should you care? ... Read More >
Rumors and debate abound in the UK property and casualty (P&C) insurance market about what Amazon’s intentions are for this industry, especially after the furor that has been caused over the last several months by observers noting the company’s hiring campaign to attract experienced insurance professionals.... Read More >
In my first post in this series, I provided Guidewire’s perspective that we are at the early stage of a new era of P&C systems (see The Engagement Era).... Read More >
In a previous blog post (see The Engagement Era), I provided Guidewire’s perspective that we are at the beginning phase of a new era of P&C systems—the engagement era.... Read More >
I believe there has been more change in the P&C insurance industry over the last two years than in the previous 10 or, arguably, 20 years. The trends of change have been well documented and I won’t cover them here. Suffice it to say, the pace of change will accelerate in the years ahead.... Read More >
I’ve worked at Guidewire, a servant of the Property/Casualty insurance industry, for more than nine years. I feel privileged to know people who have worked in, and in support of, the industry for thirty years or more. Based on what I have seen and learned, I feel confident in this observation: P/C insurance has changed more in the last few years than in the previous few decades, and the pace of change will continue to quicken in the years ahead.... Read More >
Storytelling can be very impactful in a host of business settings. The most impactful part of Guidewire’s marketing is to provide a forum for our customers to tell their stories. For example, at Connections, Guidewire’s annual user conference, more than half of the sessions were led by customers sharing their stories with their peers.... Read More >
I am often inspired by the passion that claims people have to deliver for their customers. This is most apparent when an insured has had a loss that really disrupts their life and that of their family’s. Here is a video from CAA that talks about how they responded to one of the most catastrophic storms in Canadian history. This video and all videos produced by Guidewire use our customers’ own words and stories. We never provide scripts for people to follow.... Read More >
The Guidewire team considers it an honor to serve more than 150+ Property/Casualty insurers around the world. We believe that society could not function without P/C insurance and we know that insurance professionals care deeply about being there for their customers, about providing peace of mind and when needed, top quality service. We decided to create this short video that expresses our admiration for the industry we serve. I hope you like it.... Read More >


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