Eileen Maier

As Vice President, Sales Consulting, Eileen Maier oversees global pre-sales support and the development of sales enablement programs for the extended team of Guidewire sellers.


I have spent the bulk of my software career as a member of the sales camp. My comfort zone is nurturing big ideas and helping to motivate clients to embrace change. It is thrilling to earn the right to engage with clients through the decision-making process, help clients gain confidence that transformation is possible, and support the first steps in vision execution. Pretty lofty, I know.


A colleague of mine recently sent me a fascinating article entitled, “Transient Advantage,” authored by Rita Gunther and published in June’s Harvard Business Review. If you are a business professional, if defining strategy is part of your job, or if you’ve ever uttered the phrase “competitive advantage,” then I advise you to STOP and go read this article NOW. To make it easy for you, here’s a link: 


Pam Byrnes:  What's the matter sweetie? Can't sleep? 
Greg Focker
:  No, no. I was just going over my answers to the polygraph test your dad just gave me.
-  Meet the Parents