Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee is Vice President of Data and Analytics at Guidewire Software, serving as the business leader for Guidewire’s analytics solutions. In this role, he uses internal and external data sources to lead innovation and deliver analytical insight to improve the quality of business decision making across the property and casualty insurance industry lifecycle.

When business users talk about operational reports, their primary concern is the output - the information they require to make the decision at hand.  To them, a report is a report is a report.  It’s a thing.  But to make reporting happen, you actually need three things, not one. The right data... Read More >
In a prior life I worked as a business systems analyst for a global hard drive manufacturer. After successfully navigating the Y2K crisis, we found ourselves inundated with custom report requests.  We did an analysis and found that our enterprise system had over 2,000 custom-coded operational reports, only 70 of which had been run in the last 90 days. Of course, the actively-used reports were the source of endless user complaints and enhancement requests.... Read More >
With the launch of Guidewire Live and ... Read More >
Big data is like toilet paper. One-ply, two-ply, single roll, double roll, ultra roll – lots of choices and no humanly comprehensible way to make an honest comparison. Every package says it’s the biggest and the softest. So much confusion for such a mundane task. It’s a microcosm of our problem with big data, isn’t it? Every day, for even the smallest decisions, we’re overwhelmed with data.... Read More >
In the business world there is a common refrain, “the customer is king”. The point is that no matter what business you are in, whether you’re selling insurance policies or insurance software, customer satisfaction is paramount. From Guidewire’s founding until today, this principle has driven and continues to drive everything we do: build quality products, sell them with integrity, and help customers go live and transform their businesses.... Read More >
“She is frequently kind And she's suddenly cruel She can do as she pleases She's nobody's fool But she can't be convicted She's earned her degree…” -          Billy Joel, American singer/songwriter... Read More >
Insurance carriers are obsessed with models. Catastrophe models, predictive models, statistical models – they are all the rage. Tyra Banks would be proud. Models (of the non-runway variety) are useful tools to answer questions like “what could happen” and “what might be”.  But these models are most useful when trying to speculate on the future. We should have better ways to evaluate the present and the past. ... Read More >
You’ve probably heard the stats. Things like, “more data is created every day than existed in the entire world back in 2003” (true). Or how about, “72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute”[1] (true). Impressive as they are, these kinds of stats share another important characteristic:  they are totally useless.... Read More >