Jason McDonald

As product management director for Guidewire's data management solutions, Jason is a leader in business intelligence and data warehousing product strategy and sales for the insurance industry.

There is an overabundance of terms thrown out today that “everyone” “must” embrace when it comes to data.  Here are a few of the most popular:... Read More >
I love golf. So much so that my wife often questions my sanity. It’s my favorite sport to play and watch, but the latter only when I’m already sleepy and not playing golf. Why do I bring this up in a Guidewire blog? Golf holds a lot of similarities to building product, any kind of product, whether it’s a software product or an insurance offering.  There are different aspects to both that hold key similarities. For simplicity, let’s break down building product into three buckets:... Read More >
Mike Burn wrote a great blog post entitled What Live is, is not important. Why we built it, is.”  It’s a great read on what our thought process was when we built Live. It resonated with me, but left me wanting more.... Read More >
Have you ever started a job and instantly been anointed with a nickname? I did. It’s ‘1000’, or ‘M’ – as in the Roman numeral for 1000.... Read More >
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