Paul Mang

As Guidewire’s Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Mang supports senior executives of insurance organizations in refining their innovation strategies to achieve growth objectives. Paul also leads the Analytics and Data Services go-to-market team to help clients leverage analytics to deliver greater value to policyholders.

Despite the high-profile nature of cybercrime, risk transfer has barely scratched the surface of this peril, with cyber insurance accounting for approximately 0.3% of the global property and casualty market. What is holding insurers back from this potentially profitable market? ... Read More >
The impact of cybercrime on the global economy is growing at a rapid pace. By next year, global cybercrime losses could reach a staggering $6 trillion according to the World Economic Forum. And yet the global cyber market is currently worth a mere $7 billion. ... Read More >
The effects of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy have been dire and far reaching. National gross domestic product (GDP) is forecasted to contract 30% in the second quarter of 2020, 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, and, in April, Goldman Sachs forecasted that S&P 500 firms will decrease cash spending by 33% as liquidity is prioritized, leading to a 27% decline in capital expenditures (CAPEX). ... Read More >
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