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Make every decision smarter with Guidewire Live

Get live insights across the insurance lifecycle with the Live suite of analytics apps, which leverage curated, validated data from multiple sources. By pooling your own data with third-party and cooperative industry data, you can achieve enhanced decision-making and profitability.

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Guidewire Analytics pomogło nam poprawić rentowność naszej działalności, a zmiany temu towarzyszące zaowocowały 20-procentowym wzrostem przypisu składki w ciągu czterech lat.

Daniel Sorensen

Analityk aktuarialny II
Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Guidewire Live Applications

Leverage More Data

Easily access your own data as well as third-party, behavioral, social, and anonymized peer data.

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Embed Intelligence

Leverage real-time intelligence within your underwriting and claims workflows for faster, more profitable decision-making.

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Learn Continuously

Conduct A/B testing, monitor predictive models for drift, refine products for enhanced profitability, and track company performance.

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Schedule a demo today to see how Guidewire Live enables real-time insights and continuous learning.

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