InsuranceSuite Cloud

A cloud-based, single-vendor solution that includes our products managed in the cloud by Guidewire, Guidewire-led implementation, and comprehensive post-production services

InsuranceSuite Cloud

​Guidewire InsuranceSuite Cloud™ is a cloud-based, single-vendor solution that enables customers to accelerate business agility while transferring IT responsibilities that are risky, complex, and undifferentiating to Guidewire in exchange for an annual subscription-based fee determined by their usage. Working in close partnership with our customers, Guidewire ensures rapid implementation and optimized functionality along with resilient, highly available application delivery. We manage applications and operations—freeing customers to focus on the business of serving their policyholders.

With Guidewire applications deployed, configured, managed, and supported by Guidewire in the cloud, this solution reduces operations overhead to mitigate risk and enable a more strategic focus on the core business.

InsuranceSuite Cloud Benefits

Increased business agility

InsuranceSuite Cloud enables insurers to accelerate business agility during a time of rapid change in the industry. Examples of agility include the ability to:

  • Accelerate speed-to-market with new products and regional expansion
  • Empower business to innovate quickly by market-testing innovations in new products, engaging digitally with customers and agents, and applying data and analytics across the insurance lifecycle
  • Accelerate the replacement of legacy systems and provide a foundation for business transformation
  • Access systems that continually evolve to take advantage of new technologies and business innovations—without the responsibility for managing those systems

Delivered and managed by Guidewire

InsuranceSuite Cloud provides an optimized P&C insurance solution along with implementation, configuration, upgrades, and services delivered by Guidewire. Customers benefit from:

  • An integrated but modular core, data, and digital platform with implementation approach options
  • Rapid access to development environments
  • Comprehensive post-production services, including data backup and recovery, performance management, and security
  • All application updates—from routine to major
  • Highly available cloud-based infrastructure services

True partnership alignment

The Guidewire–customer partnership provides the following advantages:

  • Subscription model aligned to customer’s usage and growth
  • Guidewire incentives to increase flexibility, reduce time-to-market, and lower run-time costs to enable shared savings with customers
  • Customer Success Program, which focuses on strategic relationship, collaboration, and a plan unique to each customer—all designed to maximize business value throughout a customer’s Guidewire journey

Transfer of risk

  • Delivery: Guidewire partners with customers by using a prescriptive approach to “de-risk” implementation, ensure time-to-value, and contribute to long-term solution health. Our SurePath guided delivery approach has been proven across 550+ projects that are completed or underway; more than 220 customers are in production.
  • Cloud services: Guidewire is responsible for run time, cost fluctuation, and upgrades for both out-of-the-box products and customer-specific extensions.
  • Strategic co-development partnership with Amazon Web Services: AWS is our cloud infrastructure for solutions hosted and managed by Guidewire. We’ve achieved AWS Competency status in its Financial Services program.

Guidewire-managed cloud services

InsuranceSuite Cloud is implemented, managed, and supported by the following Guidewire technology teams with deep expertise in their respective areas:

  • Application Management (Guidewire Production Services): Administers, maintains, and enhances the Guidewire services that have been deployed to the hosted production environment
  • Systems Administration (CloudOps): Manages all physical and virtual systems to ensure that the infrastructure is operational, performant, and recoverable
  • Security and Compliance (InfoSec): Performs monitoring of security alerts and assessment of threats; is also responsible for security certifications such as ISO27001, PCI, and SSAE 16 SOC2
  • 24/7 Support (L2): Leads the triage of operational and customer-reported issues, which can be resolved directly by L2 personnel or escalated to appropriate experts
  • Customer Partnership: Provides a dedicated Guidewire customer partner who becomes the insurer’s “one hand to shake” for all aspects of the implementation: establishing working relationships and processes, ensuring a successful production launch, and monitoring and managing all service-related activity and conformance with service-level agreements (SLAs)