Myron Meier

Senior Staff Software Engineer


Purpose-built for insurers like you

If you have limited IT resources, you need a core system that increases agility without adding complexity.

  • Increase business agility

    Quickly capitalize on opportunities and respond to market demands.

    • Get up and running faster with more provided out of the box
    • Quickly design new products with low-code configuration
    • Stay modern with major updates twice a year
  • Complete, not complex

    Engage your customers and fuel decisions with a platform that unifies core, digital, data, and analytics.

    • Eliminate integration complexities with a unified core system
    • Engage your customers and agents with integrated digital experiences
    • Fuel the right decision in the moment with embedded analytics
  • Secure your success

    Rest assured knowing that your core operations are secure, compliant, and always on.

    • Ensure high system availability with dynamic scaling and automatic failover
    • Prevent breaches with comprehensive information security measures
    • Maintain compliance through annual verification of security and privacy controls
With InsuranceNow, we can shave off half to three-fourths of the time that we spent developing a product and getting it ready. Now we’re agile and can move quickly.

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