Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Muralicharan Gurumoorthy

Director, Engineering

Predictive Analytics

Deliver better business outcomes

Optimize your claims processes, improve underwriting profitability, and guide smart decision-making across core processes with Predictive Analytics.

  • Optimize your claims operations

    Optimize everyday claims management.

    • Lower loss adjustment expenses with smarter triage and increased straight-through processing
    • Maximize recovery while reducing leakage and risk litigation
    • Improve productivity by assigning the right claim to the right adjuster
  • Improve underwriting profitability

    Streamline your quoting processes.

    • Improve submission and renewal outcomes with granular, sophisticated rating
    • Retain profitable policyholders with accurate pricing
    • Run scalable, efficient, and profitable underwriting operations
  • Embed recommendations into core processes

    Rapidly turn any data, or any model, into business value.

    • Deploy, integrate, and monitor any predictive model created using third-party tools
    • Guide smart decisions across your core processes with real-time embedded predictive insights
    • Drive adaptive workflow predicated on model results
Predictive Analytics has improved our BOP quoting process, resulting in profitable growth and an improved customer and agent experience.

Kristi Altshuler

SVP and Chief Analytics Officer

Donegal Insurance Group

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