A flexible, user-friendly billing and cash management system designed to drive efficiencies and deliver excellence across the entire P&C organization

Guidewire BillingCenter™ was developed to enable property and casualty insurers to better engage and empower their billing teams and agents to deliver superior customer service, improve workflows and operational performance, and reduce total cost of operations. 


  • Automates the billing lifecycle
  • Enables flexible payment methods and processing
  • Provides granular, third-party billing options
  • Delivers fast, transparent commission handling
  • Provides easy access to the information that billing teams need to deliver fast, accurate service to customers and agents
  • Ensures sound billing practices with user-defined Equity Warnings
  • Equips end users with business-friendly configuration
  • Enables digital service to policyholders and agents through integration with Guidewire Digital™ applications
  • Delivers self-service business intelligence through integration with Guidewire InfoCenter™

BillingCenter Benefits

Enable Business Agility
Simplify configuration by empowering business users to define and maintain system behavior via an effective user experience and enhanced interaction models. With BillingCenter’s flexible design and support for products, processes and communication channels, you can increase your responsiveness, respond more quickly to market developments, seize opportunities, and engage with customers.

Strengthen Customer Focus
Improve customer service throughout the billing lifecycle through informed, transparent service and flexible billing and payment plans. Enable digital service to policyholders and agents so they can access their billing information from anywhere, at any time.

Increase Operational Performance
Gain efficiencies through automation of sophisticated billing processes with flexible workflows, business rule–driven control, and intuitive access to information. Alleviate the burden of configuration from IT, and help speed billing processes to lower TCO.

Improve Cash Management
Identify uncollected earned premium to reduce billing leakage, combine invoices to reduce costs, leverage equity-based billing to avoid unpaid coverage, and use Equity Warnings to ensure that billing teams make sound decisions.

Document Production

Learn more about document production in Guidewire InsuranceSuite™.