An end-to-end claims management solution, including loss-report intake, adjudication processes, and operational reporting

Guidewire ClaimCenter™ is a claims management system that supports all lines of personal, commercial, and workers' compensation insurance. ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management, including:

  • Intuitive loss-report intake
  • Advanced adjudication processes
  • Integrated operational reporting
  • Tracking of all required claims-related financial data

ClaimCenter Benefits

Strengthen Focus on Customers 
Improve customer service throughout the claims lifecycle—from dynamic and adaptive FNOL processes to account special handling, mobile access, and more. ClaimCenter offers you the ability to transform your claims process into a differentiating experience that will drive customer satisfaction and retention. 

Optimize Claims Operations 
Achieve decreased cycle time and improved productivity across your claims organization with capabilities such as: 

  • Automated task generation and tracking
  • Real-time collaboration  
  • Seamless integration with internal and external systems
  • Instant access to information 

Reduce Loss Costs 
Achieve quantifiable loss-cost improvements and improve cycle time by consistently applying and monitoring claims best practices that have been identified through collaboration with Guidewire’s global customer base. Automation of repetitive, low-level tasks enables claims staff to focus on the highest-value claims management activities. 

Enable Adaptability 
Adapt quickly as market conditions evolve by enabling business users to define and maintain system behavior via ClaimCenter’s visual configuration tools.

Embrace your claims system as a strategic asset that can adapt to meet your needs today and in the future—regardless of what the future brings. ClaimCenter is designed to enable future upgrades that protect not only your investment in technology, but also your market differentiation. 

Document Production

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