Cyence Risk Analytics

Introducing Ransomware Event Modeling
Guidewire has developed a scenario designed to estimate the origin of losses due to a mass business interruption following a ransomware event. This advancement in our latest risk model—version 4—expands the parameters of risk evaluation to enable a more comprehensive view of cyber risk exposure. Insurers can improve their portfolio exposure management, set appropriate limits, and gain the confidence to adapt and succeed in the rapidly evolving world of cyber risk.
Cyence Risk Analytics

Measuring the financial impact of risks for the insurance industry through data science and economic modeling


How We Do It

Through a process called "data listening," Guidewire Cyence™ Risk Analytics collects, curates, and analyzes vast amounts of technical and behavioral data from a variety of sources at petabyte scale, including public data, open-source data, proprietary data, and third-party data.

Guidewire Cyence™ for Cyber Risk Management

Modeling 21st-century risk in dollars and probabilities

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