An underwriting, policy, and product management system supporting underwriters as they serve agents and policyholders

Guidewire PolicyCenter empowers property and casualty insurers to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry with more effective underwriting, agile policy and product management, and excellent customer service. PolicyCenter enables insurers to respond and succeed during rapid market changes by leveraging customer insights and facilitating insurer-driven differentiation.

By combining the innovations gained from Guidewire’s market experience and commitment with empowering solutions to enable differentiation, insurers can optimize their operations and respond faster to market opportunities. In addition, flexible deployment options and market-leading performance enable PolicyCenter to serve a full spectrum of property and casualty insurers.

PolicyCenter Benefits

Achieve Success During Rapid Market Change
PolicyCenter empowers insurers to achieve success by leading and adapting to industry change. By enabling employees as well as agents and customers, insurers can improve and optimize operational processes, create and update new products, enter new markets with agility, and drive innovation.

Optimize Underwriting, Policy, and Product Management by Leveraging Customer Insights
PolicyCenter embodies 10 years of innovation through partnerships with more than 100 property and casualty insurers. Insurers leverage this experience and Guidewire’s commitment to gain market-driven innovation in customer service, underwriting decision-making, and policy management. This deep industry experience ensures that standard business operations are executed efficiently while reducing total cost of ownership.

Document Production

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