Predictive Analytics

A platform that turns data into actionable insights, empowering insurers to make data-driven decisions throughout the insurance lifecycle

Across the enterprise, Guidewire Predictive Analytics helps property and casualty insurers adapt and succeed as they progress along their journeys to becoming organizations that are driven by data and analytics. By building predictive models from multiple data sets, analyzing model output, and deploying predictive models to provide front-line guidance to decision makers, insurers can realize significant reductions in loss ratio and expenses while growing the top line.

Predictive Analytics Benefits

Enable a smarter insurance operation

Predictive Analytics enables a smarter insurance operation by:

  • Embedding machine-learning algorithms throughout the insurance lifecycle to make better data-driven decisions
  • Improving the productivity of actuaries, underwriters, claims adjusters, and agents

Reduce expenses

Predictive Analytics helps insurers reduce expenses by:

  • Identifying the value of third-party data in predicting outcomes and enabling more targeted use of the data, such as motor vehicle reports (MVRs), property inspections, and credit reports
  • Lowering loss adjustment expenses by reducing re-adjudication and enabling more accurate claims triage

Grow profitably

Predictive Analytics enables insurers to grow profitably by:

  • Improving rating sophistication and granularity
  • Identifying and addressing pricing inaccuracies
  • Targeting new market opportunities and reacting more quickly to market changes

Predictive Analytics Apps

  • Predictive Analytics for Claims

    Specialized for a specific set of claims problems such as claim severity, claim routing and assignment, and claims with the potential for litigation or subrogation

  • Predictive Analytics for Profitability

    Tuned for important insurance portfolio questions such as ratemaking, underwriting risk selection, underwriting cost reduction, customer lifetime value, portfolio optimization, and marketing distribution

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