Empower your agents, brokers, and partners with self-service digital tools for the entire sales and service lifecycle

Guidewire ProducerEngage™ is part of the Guidewire Digital™ family of applications and an integral part of Guidewire InsurancePlatform™. ProducerEngage* gives agents and brokers omnichannel digital access to robust self-service tools and current policy, billing, and claims information so they can foster productive relationships with insurance customers.

Equipping Agents and Brokers to Grow Business

ProducerEngage makes it easy for agents, brokers, and business partners to expand their business—and insurers’ businesses—through always-on digital self-service and a dashboard that provides 360-degree views of policyholders and their account activity across sales, policy, billing, and claims. They can use the application to:

  • Access up-to-date account activity on quotes, policies, related accounts, billing, and claims information
  • Consult a timeline viewer of all policyholder account activity—the same timeline viewer that policyholders and CSRs have, so everyone is in sync
  • Offer coverage guidance to policyholders and potential customers
  • Generate quotes, initiate new business transactions, and manage policyholder billing
  • Submit new claims, specify repair vendors based on maps that pinpoint policyholders’ current locations, and track claims progress
  • Serve large commercial policyholders with a policy change wizard that simplifies renewals and policy changes across large accounts, and an intuitive drag-and-drop tool for processing commercial property and auto FNOL
  • Track business performance with custom analytics reports, and view commissions summaries when ProducerEngage is deployed with Guidewire InfoCenter™ 9.2   

Enabling IT to Support Digital Strategies

IT teams can support insurers’ digital strategies with flexible, easy-to-maintain applications that integrate seamlessly with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™. With ProducerEngage, they can:

  • Support omnichannel digital strategies
  • Extend InsuranceSuite capabilities rather than duplicating code
  • Enforce consistent underwriting rules and defined workflows
  • Equip agents and brokers with eye-pleasing, easy-to-navigate applications and achieve consistency across all communication channels
  • Tailor user interfaces to reflect insurer branding
  • Leverage future Guidewire releases, third-party partnerships, and ongoing innovations

*Formerly "Gateway Portal for Agents"