Deliver exceptional customer assistance with an easy-to-use application that empowers your customer service team.

Guidewire ServiceRepEngage™ empowers customer service teams to deliver fast, efficient service to meet the needs of prospects and policyholders. ServiceRepEngage* delivers customer insights in real time with an intuitive, easy-to-use application that supports policy, billing, and claims.

Enabling Customer Service Teams to Deliver Excellent Service

With a desktop tailored to their needs, customer service representatives (CSRs) can use ServiceRepEngage to:

  • Deliver workers’ compensation policies out of the box from quote through binding. CSRs can now provide immediate, responsive service to workers’ compensation prospects and customers with the ability to drag and drop spreadsheets to prefill data for complex quotes
  • Identify and address errors and underwriting issues as they arise in the quote process with helpful error messages, warnings, refer-to-underwriter workflows, and “Knock-Out” alerts if a submission cannot be bound
  • Explain product offerings and coverages, and sell and cross-sell products
  • Use a powerful search tool to quickly find and view policyholder and account information, including quotes and coverage details, billing information, and claims status
  • Service accounts with real-time transactional capabilities across policy, billing, and claims
  • Consult a timeline viewer of all policyholder account activity—using the same timeline viewer that policyholders and agents/brokers use so that everyone is in sync
  • Access and complete in-progress transactions
  • File first notice of loss (FNOL) on behalf of policyholders, and provide updates on claims status, services, and payments during the adjudication process

Enabling IT to Support Digital Strategies

IT teams can support insurers’ digital strategies with a flexible, easy-to-maintain application that integrates seamlessly with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™. With ServiceRepEngage, they can:

  • Support omnichannel digital strategies
  • Extend InsuranceSuite capabilities rather than duplicating code
  • Leverage defined business rules and product models in InsuranceSuite
  • Equip customer service teams with an eye-pleasing, easy-to-navigate application
  • Achieve consistency across all communication channels
  • Enforce consistent customer service rules and defined workflows
  • Tailor the user interface to reflect insurer branding
  • Configure and customize when needed
  • Leverage future Guidewire releases, third-party partnerships, and ongoing innovations

*Formerly "Gateway Portal for CSRs"